Successful launch of the MY-LEX Home Collection

For the Holidays, MY-LEX created an exclusive MY-LEX Home collection. A clothing line for the home-office. Our customers as well as our colleagues have responded with enthusiasm and placed their orders.

Fun details

By now, the MY-LEX Home webshop has been closed as all orders for the limited collection were placed. We expect to be able to ship everything in the second half of January, 2021. Some fun facts about the collection:

  • Our MY-LEX colleagues have big feet, a significantly larger amount of the biggest size was ordered compared to the smaller one.
  • Our customers are a little less adventurous than our colleagues. The customers mainly chose the navy coloured items, whereas at MY-LEX burgundy and the ice blue ‘stargazer’ colours were also popular.
  • It is most likely that you will meet someone wearing the ‘Backup vest’, which item was ordered the most by both customers and colleagues. Closely followed by the ‘API pants’ and in 3rd place by the ‘vortex beanie’.
  • Some of the little ones will be matching their fathers in our ‘jr. engineer shirt’. Super cute!
  • Considering the time of year, there are actually quite a few people who ordered the ‘server swimshorts’.

Thanks to everyone for their enthusiastic responses and orders!