The Next-Generation Content Integration Platform for organization-wide application integration and information retrieval.

A huge step forwards with

From an even faster and more accurate search engine, to various options to integrate your search results into your workflow. Play with the buttons yourself with
MY-LEX Dashboard® or simply combine different modules and enjoy the ultimate user-experience.

Very fast search engine

Extensive API

Installed within
4 hours

Far reaching management options

Market-independent solution

Includes widely used systems

MY-LEX View® or your own environment

Razendsnelle zoekmachine

Uitgebreide API (3.0)

Installatie binnen 4 uur

Verregaande beheer- mogelijkheden

Marktonafhankelijke oplossing

Met veelgebruikte systemen

MY-LEX View® of eigen bestaande omgeving

Een enorme sprong voorwaarts met MY-LEX Pro®

Van een nog snellere en meer accurate zoekmachine, tot verschillende mogelijkheden om uw resultaten te integreren in uw werkproces. Zit zelf aan de knoppen met MY-LEX Dashboard® of combineer met andere modules en ervaar het ultieme gemak van contentintegratie.

“In a remarkably simple, flexible and powerful manner, all required external and specially internal sources are made accessible for all our organisation’s employees.”​

Anita Potters,
Information Architect Equalit (IT-partnership with and for Dutch Local Governments)


Using the extensive, menu operated MY-LEX Dashboard®, MY-LEX Pro® enables the organization itself to quickly and simply select all required sources (applications), add and process them in order to make their contents retrievable.


An extensive API offers an organization maximum flexibility, in order to provide access to the last mentioned sources from any of its own applications or portals, or to (have) build a completely new portal.


Network discs




Internal databases

+ 50 connectors

Because of the wide range of available connectors we can always provide a solution for your query. In case we encounter a connector we have not yet created, we custom develop this according to your wishes (after preliminary research).






Interne databanken

+ 50 connectoren

Door het brede scala aan connectoren bieden wij altijd een oplossing voor uw vraagstuk. Mochten we deze nog niet ontwikkeld hebben, dan maken we deze (na een vooronderzoek) voor u opmaat.


A new, powerful and very vast search engine ensures that the end-user, from all the millions of internal and external documents, is immediately presented with the required information (whilst maintaining access rights).

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