Find attributes (and locations) of geo-objects, including related documents

Find all relevant documents related to an object

MY-LEX Maps® is both an advanced and accessible system that can be used throughout your organisation to help you find attributes (and locations) of objects. In addition, for the first time MY-LEX Maps® offers the option to find all relevant internal and external information on a specific object by clicking a single button, and see a geographic representation of these results as well.

Find more related documents

Besides finding and showing objects on a map, MY-LEX Maps® has more to offer. Due to specially developed technology, it is now for the first time possible to automatically link all relevant internal and external information to a specific object. This does not require the original sources/documents to contain any geometrical metadata. This way, with the push of a button, you have access to all technical drawings, photographs, permits and maintenance prescriptions with regard to the geographic object you have selected.

Optimal integration with

Combine MY-LEX Pro® and MY-LEX Maps® to gain maximum profit from integrated maps. Amongst others, this enables you to view locations and related documents on both the result and document pages. This is the way to provide your end-users with the ultimate fast and efficient navigation experience.


MY-LEX Maps® is an advanced tool which automatically creates links between locations and data sources.


MY-LEX Maps® has a simple price structure based on the number of inhabitants (of a municipality) or number of end-users (from any other type of organisation).


With one click, you have access to all relevant internal and external information linked to an internal geo-object (such as technical drawings, permits and/or all other documents).


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