Easily switch to a new DMS, File system or SharePoint Application, without a complex migration process.


Using content integration technology, MY-LEX Legacy® creates a bridge between your (old) data collections, applications and archive systems. After implementation, you can simultaneously consult the information in both your old (legacy) systems as well as your new application. This way you can be sure no important information is overlooked. Access for your employees is based on the authorization and security settings of the system you phase-out

Data management adhering to guidelines

When all old content and metadata has been indexed (including the respective access rights and authorization), the old system may be completely phased-out (including its licenses and maintenance). Old data can be destroyed based on the procedures your organization prescribes. When retaining the data, it can be cleaned up (quality improvement) for a move to an e-depot or your new DMS.

Meet your obligations

Organisations often struggle with information that is stored and locked within a system, on which they need to report, and which needs to be migrated and managed. MY-LEX Legacy® is the solution that allows simple phasing-out of such old (legacy) systems, filtering, enriching and partly migrating whilst you keep access to the information. With the reporting and management tools MY-LEX Legacy® offers, it is possible to meet the obligations with regard to archive management and retrieval requirements.

Easily anonymise the documents you find

MY-LEX Text-Hide® provides you with a tool to uniformly apply your own anonymisation protocol. Prevent the visibility of private information and minimize the risk of a data-leak with this effective module.


When all content has been transferred, the old system can be completely phased-out. Including all licenses & maintenance.


MY-LEX Legacy® has a simple price structure based on the number of documents.

Save time

Complicated and time consuming data migration is a thing of the past.


Our experienced consultants gladly assist and unburden you during this process.

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