MY-LEX Pro®, together with MY-LEX Legacy® and MY-LEX Maps®, is MY-LEX Suite®.

MY-LEX Suite® adheres to the primary objective of organisation-wide application integration, data management and retrieval, phasing out old systems, retrieval of geographic attributes, archiving and anonymizing data, as well as the destruction process.

Next-Generation Content Integration Platform

A powerful, organisation-wide content integration solution that can be accessed through your portal of choice, any of your applications or through MY-LEX View®.

Smart solution for phasing out old systems

Phase out (old) legacy systems and keep control of their data, whilst avoiding complex migration processes.

Find all attributes and relevant information on geographic objects

For the first time, you can now immediately retrieve all attributes and relevant information (even photographs and technical drawings) related to each object in your geo-data system.

Your innovative partner for over 35 years

For over 35 years, MY-LEX is a pioneer and current market-leader in the field of information retrieval technology and content integration products and solutions.
Our products and solutions set us apart from the rest because of their high quality and applied innovations, each of which is specially designed and developed for a specific (current or future) need of our client base.

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