Our Clients

Tens of thousands of professionals now use the content integration solutions created with MY-LEX® on a daily basis.

Currently, our clients can be found in the following markets:

(Local) Government, housing Cooperatives, safety Regions, archives & corporates

(Local) Government

Since the pioneering days of “electronic publishing” in the ‘80’s of last century, the (international) governmental organisations have always been an important client group of MY-LEX. Since MY-LEX introduced its Content Integration solutions in the Netherlands, the many municipalities, provinces and water authorities are again an important target user group of these products. Most Dutch municipalities currently use MY-LEX’s solutions.


Besides being the Netherlands’ second city when considering the number of inhabitants, Rotterdam is also the largest port in Europe.

After an evaluation and research phase in 2019, we started the implementation of MY-LEX’s next-generation content integration solutions in 2020, to serve the over 11.000 employees of the municipality of Rotterdam.

Housing Cooperatives

Housing Cooperatives are a new but increasing user group of MY-LEX’s content integration solutions.


Vestia is the largest housing cooperation for rental, sales and management of properties in the Netherlands. After extensive research, Vestia started a new cooperation with MY-LEX in the beginning of 2021, to implement the content integration solutions of MY-LEX.

Safety Regions

Safety Regions are another expanding client group for the content integration solutions of MY-LEX.

Kennemerland Safety Region

In case of calamities, Safety Region Kennemerland protects and supports the over 500.000 inhabitants in it’s service area.

In 2020, Safety Region Kennemerland has entered into a cooperation with MY-LEX to implement the content integration solutions for its employees.


Regional and National Archives store and manage the extensive (digital) archives of the Netherlands. In order to support these Archives with the optimal management of these large scale digital sources, these centers belong to MY-LEX’s core user group of content integration clients for several years.

Archive of Noord-Holland

From two different locations in the city of Haarlem, the Archive of Noord-Holland controls the vast (digital) archives of the Dutch Province of Noord-Holland.
Since 2020 the organisation has entered a cooperation with MY-LEX, in order to improve the access to and management of these large scale archives for both its own employees and civilians.


For over 10 years, the corporates (in the industry and construction markets) have been an important user group of MY-LEX’s content integration solutions.


Perinorm is the worldwide authoritative datasource of the national, European and international industry standards of over 200 standard organisations spread over 29 countries. Since 2010, the Perinorm database (in 3 languages) is published with the aid of MY-LEX’s content integration solutions. The platform is used daily and worldwide, by thousands of engineers in industry and construction. The cooperation is led by DIN (in Germany), AFNOR (in France) and BSI (in the UK). In Germany alone, the user group of the Perinorm application is, and has been for years, the ‘who-is-who’ of the German production industry.