Announcement new webinar

Thursday May 27, we will host a new webinar (in Dutch). The subject will be MY-LEX Legacy and how an organization can deploy this system to ensure a fast, efficient and economical migration process.

Issues with old systems

Any organization will have to deal with this issue one day: old systems that need to be ‘managed’. A choice has to be made between sustaining such a system or migrating its contents to new systems.

Sustaining an old system to ensure storage of the data is not a sensible (long-term) solution. Old technology is not maintained and for that reason alone results in an unsafe situation for your data. Migration of data to a new system is often relatively expensive and also has its risks. Besides, such processes often take longer than expected, risk the loss of data, ‘clutters’ the new system with old data, et cetera.

Will you join us?

However, it is not nexxessary to choose between two evils. MY-LEX gladly informs you about an alternative approach. We will do so during an exclusive webinar for a limited amount of participants (this webinar will be in Dutch). This, becase we do not only want to send information but would like to keep things interactive and allow you to ask questions as well. Note Thursday May 27 in your agenda and reply to us on LinkedIn via DM or send an e-mail to We will keep you informed.