Sean Moayedi, Commercial Director

After finishing an extensive education in marketing, Sean Moayedi made his entrance at MY-LEX in 2009. Having booked successful results together with his sales team, with (the renowned Dutch legal tax content integration portal), Sean knew a similar approach could be used towards other sections. With pride, he tells about the newest offerings of MY-LEX, which keeps innovating and anticipating new market developments.

MY-LEX excels in offering a complete solution for the management of the entire document-lifecycle. GDPR-proofing, migrations, phasing out old systems and improving quality of data are all part of the services we offer. Of course these elements can be separately implemented, but with MY-LEX Suite® we take care of the entire organisation. Besides the aforementioned services, you then also profit from the retrieval of geographic elements on a map, archiving, destruction and anonymizing of documents.”

Sean’s career at MY-LEX

After his employment in 2009, Sean was promoted to Sales Manager on August 30, 2012. In this role he became responsible for all MY-LEX’s sales activities. Sean and his Sales Team concentrated mostly on the commercialization of MY-LEX Content Integration Systems such as MY-LEX Government (a widely used Dutch government portal for connecting and searching internal and external sources and applications).

Since January 1, 2014, Sean is MY-LEX’s Commercial Director. In this role, Sean is responsible for all commercial activities of the organisation and actively leads the Sales, Marketing, Communication and Project Management Departments.
This also means that since 2020, Sean and this Team are responsible for the launch and implementation of the entirely new developed MY-LEX Suite®, a new generation Content Integration System existing of the modules MY-LEX Pro®, MY-LEX Legacy® and MY-LEX Maps®. Read more about our products and services.

In 2022, MY-LEX will look towards other market segments such as Archiving Centres, Housing organisations, Finance and Insurance as well as a renewed proposition in neighbouring country Germany.

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