Matt Moayedi, Managing Director

A graduate of Mechanical Engineering from Brighton Polytechnics (1975), Matt Moayedi has spent the majority of his working life in information retrieval technology. After three years in various consultancy and engineering functions, amongst them as contract administrator, Matt Moayedi joined General Electric Plastics in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands in 1978.

As market development manager for the ICT industries of the European business, Matt Moayedi initiated the production of the raw material, production process and later the market introduction of the Compact Disc as it is manufactured today. In 1987 he founded Europe Optical Disc, the first European CD-ROM production facility in Tilburg, the Netherlands. Parallel and initially as part of this plant, search software development activities were initiated for turning the content of publishers into electronic publications. Later, this activity was split into a separate company under the name of CD-Europe, a name that was changed into C-CONTENT in 1999 and subsequently to MY-LEX in June 2018. In 2005 Matt Moayedi founded a subsidiary company specialized in development and exploitation of information portals, based on MY-LEX’s Content Integration technology. The resulting information portals provide access to all relevant legal, tax and accountancy content from publishers, public websites and the customer organizations themselves. In July 2012, the company was purchased by a renowned Dutch legal and tax publisher.

In 2004, Matt Moayedi’s initiated the introduction of Content Integration technology, enabling the professionals in a specific segment to have direct access to all the information they need through a single portal, based on MY-LEX® universal Content Integration software. With MY-LEX®, several other information portals have since been launched, for the German Legal and Tax professionals, for the Dutch local government authorities and for the engineers throughout Europe.

At the moment the completely new Content Integration platform MY-LEX Pro® together with MY-LEX Legacy® and MY-LEX Maps®, form MY-LEX Suite®. A product suite which enables organizations in any branch to manage, retrieve and archive their data.

From 2016, Matt Moayedi shares the daily management of MY-LEX with his sons, Sean Moayedi and Mark Moayedi and remains mainly involved in major (strategic) decisions.

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